Young Video Game Designer Institute

Day One: Terms & Concepts

Today’s Discord Meetings

  • 12:00PM – 1:00PM: Meet & Greet, Icebreakers
  • 2:00PM – 3:00PM: Circle Up

I will be available on Discord all day. If you need help, @Cassie to get my attention or ask your fellow game designers in the text chat!

Your Goals

Try to complete everything before our Circle Up meeting at 2PM!

  1. Watch Getting Started with Gamestar Mechanic if you have not already.
  1. Register an account on Gamestar Mechanic using this link (again, if you have not already):
  2. Complete Gamestar Mechanic Episodes 1 and 2. Pay close attention to the elements of game design presented!
  3. Review the elements of game design (components, mechanics, and space) in this matching card game:
  4. Complete the Message Block Challenge:

If you finish everything, feel free to play in the Workshop or the Game Alley. You can also complete Workshop Challenges to unlock special sprites for your games. Just don’t progress your Quest any further!

Discussion Questions for Circle Up

  • How was your first experience with Gamestar Mechanic?
  • What part of Gamestar Mechanic was the most fun? The most difficult?
  • Any other thoughts or difficulties you had on Gamestar Mechanic?

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