Advanced Video Game Designer Institute Young Master Video Game Designer Institute

Day Two: To RPG or Platform?

12-1 PM: Office Hours (Optional)
2-3 PM: Circle up

To Do List

  • (Optional) Mission Two: Modify Top-Down RPG
  • Choose Your Own Adventure:
    • Top-Down RPG Tutorial
    • Platformer
  • Begin Drafting/Outlining Game

Mission Two: Modify Top-Down RPG (Optional)

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose either the top-down RPG tutorial or Platformer

Top-Down RPG Videos


Platformer Tutorial

Note: I have Part 1 listed here, but there are 10 videos in total to try out.

If you don’t finish the tutorials, it is alright.

Circle-Up Discussion

  • Which adventure did you choose?
  • What interesting idea did you learn?
  • What type of game might you design this week? Why?
  • What is the rule set? mechanics? Characters? Action & Goals?

Quizlet Vocabulary Terms

RPG Generator

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