Today’s Discord Meetings

  • 1:00PM to 3:00PM: Author’s Chair

Use this morning to get your alpha, level one game finished and submitted to the Google doc. During our Discord meeting, we’ll be taking turns showing off our completed products. As always, I will be on Discord at around 11 am, ready to help you with any questions or problems you might encounter.

Your Goals

  • Finish and publish your original game to the Google doc before our meeting at 1:00PM
  • Prepare a presentation according to the instructions from yesterday
  • Leave reviews for the games your peers have created and published. Before you post your review, remember to ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is it respectful?
    • Is it responsible?
    • Is it relevant?
    • Is it free from any personal or identifying information?
  • Optional: Record yourself presenting your game like you would at a gaming conference like E3 or PAX. Upload the video to YouTube and share the link with us on Discord! Please remember to ask your parents’ permission before uploading video publicly to YouTube. If you’ve never recorded your screen before, this is a great tutorial on how to record your computer screen and webcam/microphone at the same time using OBS:

As our camp concludes for the week, I want to extend a big THANK YOU to our incredible game designers. I hope that you have learned a lot over this past week — I’ve certainly learned a lot from you!

Your Construct 3 license will continue to be the full version until July 31st, but you can still design new games with the free version , so please do continue creating and innovating even after this week.

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