Young Video Game Designer Institute

Day Three: Balance & Design

Today’s Discord Meetings

  • 12:00PM – 1:00PM: Circle Up
  • 1:00PM – 2:00PM: Optional Office Hours
    • Have questions? Struggling with someone? Just want to chat? I will be in the Discord video chat for this hour. Feel free to drop in!

I will be available on Discord all day. If you need help, @Cassie to get my attention or ask your fellow game designers in the text chat!

Your Goals

  • Complete Gamestar Mechanic Episode 5
  • Watch Title & Description Minilesson Video
  • Design a Challenge Game and publish it to the Workshop
  • Playtest another game designer’s Challenge Game

Playtesting Questions

Think about these questions while you playtest another game designer’s Challenge Game. Chat with them on Discord to share your feedback, exchange emails and write to each other that way, or share a Google Doc — whatever works best for you and your partner!

  1. What was the concept of the game? Was it clear? Why?
  2. What were the core mechanics of the game? Did they fit well with the concept? Why?
  3. How did the game space look? How did it make you feel?
  4. What was challenging about the game?
  5. What was fun about the game?
  6. How could this game be improved?

Discussion Questions for Circle Up

  • Think about your favorite games (digital or non-digital) and what kind of challenges they have. How are the games both fun and challenging?
  • What’s a specific challenge in your favorite game? How is the game balanced?

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